INSURANCE BROKER – we assess your risks and ensure your coverage

CO*WINS identify your biggest insurance risks before the damage occurs. As an insurance broker and advisor, we examine your company’s production facilities, buildings, IT systems and corporate responsibility and prepare a critical report on your risk areas.
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Impartial insurance advice

CO*WINS is your impartial counselor. We analyze your risks, assess your insurance needs, and negotiate the specific insurance agreements with our business partners.

We advise trade unions, unemployment funds, corporate clients, industry customers and portfolio customers on insurance and business risks. Almost all our customers turn out to have significant flaws in their insurance coverage – despite thinking they were sufficiently covered.

A lack of insurance coverage could amount to major losses – potentially leading to bankruptcy.

Better business insurance – with a lower premium

CO*WINS customize insurance solutions and optimize risk management. We have negotiated lower insurance premiums for all our customers. In collaboration with our clients, we have found a lack of coverage in insurance sums, errors in the description of the company and their business areas, and an insufficient range in coverage.

In these cases, we establish an insurance program that will ensure you an optimal coverage.

We check your new insurance policies to ensure that the price and coverage are correct before submitting the policies to you. This quality control saves you time and resources.

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